Simple, efficient, economical and scalable home automation for your buildings

By combining comfort of use and sustainable energy management, Smarthome ECOsystem stands out as the essential solution for connected homes.

Once synonymous with luxury housing and complex facilities, home automation is changing .

Thanks to the growth of connected objects, to technical progress and to innovations in the field of user experience, it is beginning a shift towards the general public and is a must in the habitats of tomorrow .

By combining user comfort and sustainable energy management, Smarthome ECOsystem is the unavoidable solution for connected homes.

The system is fully modular and available in a variety of packs and options at particularly attractive prices, depending on the functionality and degree of control desired.

Smarthome is your preferred partner to bring your homes into the digital age

With more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of personalized home automation, Smarthome SA is at the heart of the digital revolution, and offers an offer combining a controlled technology with an intuitive user interface .

Our ECOsystem solution is the result of our approach to home automation, focused on intelligent energy management , while placing the user’s comfort at the center .

Julien Descollaz
General Manager

Donatien Presutti
Sales Manager

Rui Cardoso
Development Engineer





Avenue du Mont-Blanc 30, 1196 Gland, Switzerland

+41 22 990 08 00

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