InsurTechs will play an increasing role as the digital innovation in the insurance world unfolds. This utilisation of technology to improve efficiency and savings in underwriting, risk pooling and claims management from the current insurance model has come to be known as “InsurTech”, deriving inspiration from the more wellestablished concept of “FinTech”. 

These developments are then discussed in light of the big data paradigm, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and distributed ledger infrastructures (also known as blockchains or distributed ledger technologies [DLT]).


Digital Innovation

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Ledger Technologies

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We present here only verified tech companies, which based in Switzerland. We prove activities, website, products, services, registration of commerce and founder/shareholder regularly. The list is updating every week.


Anivo 360 AG
Craolo GmbH
Creadi AG
Dextra Versicherungen AG
Esurance AG
First you 24 AG
goCaution AG
Innoveo AG
kasko2go AG
Knip AG
Luminant Analytics GmbH
moremoney4you GmbH
Sobrado Software AG
Stonestep AG
TONI Digital Insurance Solutions AG
Tradeplus24 AG
Versicherix AG

Vlot AG

FinanceApp Switzerland AG

Digital Insurtec Group AG

Insurtech AG
Mitipi AG

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