We are goint to realese PERSON OF THE MONTH in September again. Only our members will be as person of the month presented. If you have any recommended candidate, please write us: denizk@proptechmatch.com

Selection process for the person of the month

A lot of people try to change swiss market for years. There are more than 300 startups and companies now, who try to find and implement new business ideas. they are young, creative and work purposefully. We must support every idea that makes life easier and better. That’s why we wanted evaluate and publish Peson of the month and support his/her work and motivate to create a new business model.

The persons we have chosen, either they have developed new business idea, or they have participated in it. They could be founder, investor or employee.

The assessment criteria

  • Personality
  • Excellent level of business standards and ethics
  • Demonstrated leadership, vision and community involvement
  • Innovative products or services
  • Proven business achievement
  • experience on the technology, digitization and the market
  • find a market gap and develop a business idea of it
  • Evidence of a strong and potentially transformative impact on the swiss market
  • Support of the Swiss Tech Ecosystem
  • Working by swiss tech company

The categories

  • PropTech
  • FinTech
  • RegTech
  • InsurTech
  • CleanTech
  • ConTech
  • HealhtTech
  • WealthTech
  • Blockchain

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