Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service is both hardware and software, and considered to be “a computing platform provided on a network that you can use.” PaaS allows any software developer to plan, build, design, create, test, and deploy their own application using an application programming interface (API) that is deployed to users and configured remotely online. This service provides the possibility for developers from all over the world to work together on the same project while ensuring compatibility in any changes to the operating systems and reducing costs at the same time.PaaS also eases the deployment of cloud applications without the necessity of “buying” the different layers of hardware and software. Examples of this model include Second Life, IS Tools, NING,Wolf Framework, 10Gen, Google Application Engine (Google App),Microsoft Windows Azure, Bunge Labs, Work Press, (which is part of, Crunch Base and Orange Scape.

Text: Big Data, Databases and “Ownership” Rights in the Cloud, Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL), University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark