Smart Buildings & IoT

The smart buildings and the internet of things. The network of physical devices embedded with sensors and connectivity, allowing the transmission and communication of data has come to be known as IoT. Applications range from smart home devices (e.g., smoke alarms, thermostats and fridges) to environmental monitoring (e.g., examining air and water quality) and has permeated the market to such an extent that forecasts suggest.

Home Automation

Home Security

Energy Management

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Smart Buildings & IoT Platforms


Smart Home SA

Simple, high-performance, economical and scalable home automation for your buildings

We digitize your building

enno switzerland sa

E-nno Switzerland SA

Start-up offering innovative digital services for the management and optimization of building energies.

Smart energy solutions



eSMART Technologies SA

Hivemind AG

Performance Buildings AG


Ixtiliton GmbH

Aartesys AG

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