Real estate development technology won’t be complete without the concept of a ‘smart home’.

Many tech companies create new solutions for a single property or cities around the world and also in Switzerland. The technology and climate changed the life style of the people. They changed also the needs and goods. We need not only four walls to living anymore. That’s why a lot of construction companies build smart living and working spaces.

Home automation, home security, energy management and control of the home devices are more important than before. IoT technology made it possible to remotely control energy consumption via smartphones and tablets. IoT takes care of routine maintenance tasks, detecting malfunctions and defects before they become an inconvenience. They help to have automated control of properties. This result in a more efficient use of space, lower energy consumption, healthier indoor climate, etc.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is the network of connected devices that are able to communicate with each other to the benefit of the user. The IoT can, and will continue to improve the real estate industry with an array of varied applications. From devices designed for predictive maintenance, or accelerated decision making, to increased energy efficiency and quality of living in the home. The possibilities are endless.

Smart home digital platforms that monitor, manage or operate specific property assets in smart homes. An example could be a security surveillance system that warns property owners of a threat, a smart thermostat that regulates the temperature of uninhabited units or smart light bulbs that can be turned on by a smartphone app or digital assistant.

Smart Home SA create simple, high-performance, economical and scalable home automation for your buildings. With over 15 years’ experience in customized home automation, Smarthome is now at the heart of this revolution, combining advanced technology with an intuitive user interface.

“Smarthome ECOsystem has been designed to be accessible to everyone. Installation and start-up of the system is incredibly easy thanks to our expertise with current and future technologies. Offer your purchasers a high-performance, simple, economical and scalable system, which can be installed using a unique and innovative installation assistant, with no programming required. The system is completely modular and is available in a variety of packs and options at particularly attractive prices, according to the functionalities and degree of control required. It can be easily incorporated into all your renovation or building projects and will bring clear added-value in return for a moderate level of investment.”(Smart Home SA)

Real estate development technology won’t be complete without the concept of a ‘smart home’. Energy consumption and sustainability are at the core of this concept.

Smart home concept combine space with technology. There are two types of smart homes currently in need – those that use tech platforms for efficiency and those that support large tech platforms.

Smart Home & IoT, Edition November 2019, Graphics: Made in PropTech Switzerland, Photos: PropTech Switzerland and Smart Home SA