PropTechmatch was founded in 2018 and is a non-profit organization for digital Switzerland. It tracks and analyzes trends, behavior and technology developments in the swiss digital ecosystem and present the tech companies from PropTech, FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech and CleanTech. PropTechmatch is an innovation platform for tech companies, startups, investors and customers

The Founders brothers Deniz Karahan and Tayland Karahan came from the real estate and think thank companies. They studied law, business management, political sciences and graphics design. They have owned several startups projects in real estate and finance industry.

Our platform is funded by sponsors and membership fees. It was established to support swiss tech startups. That’s why the fees are used for the development of our platform and for our members.

SwissTech Ecosystem

SwissTech ecosystem is an interconnected, interdependent network of various actors that combine to create innovative products and services in tech. These actors primarily include tech startups; more established tech companies; tech company founders; investors and investment groups; and mentors and organizations that provide business support.

A successful Tech Ecosystem allows for many smaller companies to bring innovation to market. Operating alone would be difficult, and in many instances, impossible, without the on-going help of a tech ecosystem in a market typically dominated by a select few large cap companies.

There are supporting factors that play a crucial role in creating a Tech Ecosystem. These include the media; the government; a strong human resources talent pool; the education system; a predominant entrepreneurial culture, and a robust local infrastructure to support founders and investors in communicating, solving problems together, and coming up with innovative ideas.


Deniz Karahan

Co-Founder PropTechmatch

For Maps, Charts, Statistics, List, Photos and Text  is Deniz Karahan responsible. If you have any question please call him:+41 78 253 11 71 or send him Mail:

Tayland Karahan

Co-Founder PropTechmatch

Katharina Clavel

Lawyer & Advisor


Helena Richter

Editor & Advisor


Laura Caradec

Data Analyst & Research


Proptechmatch is a networking platform for startup, especially for PropTech, FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech and CleanTech companies. It is for information purposes only, the publication of the member data (company name, purpose, products, services, team and linking their websites), the insertion of company data and the use by the recipient and in other main areas, which are visible on the homepage. The data and information on this website do not constitute an offer or recommendation to buy or sell a security or to participate in a particular trading strategy. The data and information should not be construed as a recommendation for investment or investment advice.